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Plant phenotyping is often closely linked to the use of automated greenhouses. Scientists need to be as more flexible as possible while using such tools to broaden their research field.

PhenoWare Software is a new system developed by experts in image processing to assess now and future needs of plant phenotyping. PhenoWare software relies on an industrial design to overcome of mechanical weakness and maximise throughput.


The partnership with ViewPoint with over 1000 image processing systems installed in academia and industry deals with all necessary skills to offer state-of-the-art solutions to manage experiment protocols, data handling and reporting.


Listening to the existing users makes it possible to emphasis real needs of flexibility for academic research and extensive reliable measurement capabilities for the industry. With PhenoWare software, one can implement its own image processing algorithm, tune it the best way and then code it to make it quicker. PhenoWare database structure is public to ease external access and results' handling.


Flexibility in the use comes with the possibility to plan, run experiments several days in advance including coexisting studies. PhenoWare software can adapt and supervise the different stations to keep the system up-and-running and to maintain data consistency even if major failures such as power down occurs. No need of manual handling of the plants: PhenoWare Software always knows where they are.



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